Early Riser- two eggs your way with toast and oven roasted potatoes $6

Channel Burrito- eggs, cheddar and salsa in a whole wheat or white wrap $6 add bacon $1

Power Breakfast-quinoa, mushrooms, spinach and onions topped with nutritional yeast $7.25

Fort Point Wrap- eggs, potatoes, green salsa, cheddar and spinach, wrapped and warm $6 add bacon $1

Cheesy Channel Toast- cheesy bread pudding, grilled and topped with tomato preserves & an egg $5

Toasted Nutella & Pear Sandwich-warm nutella & house made preserves on toasted sourdough $5

Toasted Bagel Choices- egg, cheddar, bacon $4 egg and cheddar $3 cream cheese $2.50 butter $2

Lox and Bagel-with the works: capers, cream cheese, tomato, onions. $9

Summer Street Omelet- with your choice of three fillings, toast and potatoes $8.75

Art-House Granola- crunchy, nutty, fruity, spiced goodness made right here $4 add Greek yogurt $1

* Eating raw or undercooked meats can be dangerous to your health

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